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DMX Address Writer For DMX512AP-N Parallel Single Line Driver Chip

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    DMX Address Writer For DMX512AP-N Parallel Single Line Driver Chip

    DMX Address Writer For DMX512AP-N Parallel Single Line Driver Chip

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    DMX address writer for DMX512AP-N parallel single line driver chip

    ADRI, GND: system write code signal line;

    A, B: Differential effects of control signal lines;

    5V, GND: Power supply 5V input port

    MENU: Menu toggle key;

    CFM: hair code Enter key and effects switching keys;

    +, -: Address value is set, set the number of lights and effects of the rate setting key

    P.001 represents the starting address of the parallel lamps, press the "+, -" keys to increase or decrease the value of the address, and then click Set after the "MENU" button to enter the set of lamps in parallel with the series, as shown below:

    S.000 representatives did not bring back a series of parallel chip chip, press the "+" key to S.007 on behalf of the parallel chip behind with seven series of chips. After setting press "CFM" button to send the code to.

    Application examples:

    If pure parallel DMX512AP-N, then start lighting set P.001, series lamps set to S.000, a one-time write code to write code automatically. Press the "CFM" button to start coding. Coding is completed lantern light

    If DMX512AP-N is also behind the cascade DMX512PF, such as an eight guardrail, a DMX512AP-N Cascade 7 DMX512PF, then start lighting set P.001, in series with the lamp set to S.007, a one-time write code automatic writing code. Press the CFM key to start coding. Coding is completed for each guardrail headlights lit.

    If the customer needs and then down a code from the front of the address breakpoint, specific calculation is shown below:

    For example, eight out of a tube, coded from scratch to 20, Article 21 addresses the following algorithm: ADDR21 = 8 * 20 +1 = 161, then start lighting set P.161, in series with the lamp set to S.007, write code automatically write-off code. Press the CFM key to start coding. Coding is completed for each guardrail headlights lit.

    3. Lighting test

    After completion of the lamp power to write code, write code in the A, B cable to the router A, B line to write code Press "MENU" flashing menu, "S.XXX" on behalf of the 500K of DMX512 signal, press "CFM" button will appear "2.XXX" represents the rate of 250K, followed by three digits can press the "+" "-" button to set the number of chips, a few lights set finished, press "MENU" button to enter the the effect of test scenarios, as shown below:

    The system controller with a total of seven scenes, the first eight are seven scenes in front of a big circle, press "CFM" button to switch scenes, "+" "-" button to set the speed of the scene. Next write boot code reader will default to the current scene, the customer additional write code Press "MENU" button to exit.

    Each line is defined as follows:

    A, B, GND: differential control signal input port;

    ZJIN: bus route board as an input port repeater use;

    VIN: Power input port;

    ADD: write code signal wiring mouth;

    Wiring and fixtures are as follows:

    Use a four-core output of the male and female lugs correspondence pick up signals match as follows:

    VIN <=> +24 V

    ADD <=> ADD (write code input lines)

    GND <=> GND

    DATR <=> DAT (parallel signal bus)

    Or use a three-core, a core of two male and female connectors, signal matching as follows:

    Three-pin connector docking DAT, ADD, GND;

    Two pin connector docking VDD, GND;

    Inputs using a three-pin and two two-core wiring connector, the signals are assigned as follows:

    Three-core signal output terminal connected to the first signal control system to match the following:

    GND <=> GND

    A <=> A or D +

    B <=> B or D-

    When you start writing code is not connected to the controller three core lugs

    Two core lug signal signal allocated as follows:

    Two-wire connection provides power supply to the VIN and GND

    Two core then write code signal line GND ADD and provides write code signal

    When writing code two wires connected to the power supply, then the two cores to write code to write code port, where ADD <=> D +, GND <=> GND

    The effect of the normal three-pin wiring ran head-to-controller, two-core wiring connected to the power port power head

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